Molly Pisani is one of those fantastic editors who can see the book the writer wants to write and guide them toward their best version of it. I trust her edits completely, and she is a joy to work with. She is super strong at organizing structure and trimming down what isn’t needed, but she is also kind and careful of the writer’s voice. Hire her! She is excellent!

—Rebecca Barry, author of Recipes for a Beautiful Life and Later, at the Bar


Molly not only has a fundamental understanding of the business of writing, she’s the best editor I’ve ever worked with. She retains my style while streamlining my craft in areas where my writer’s feedback group could not. She gives detailed rationalizations for every edit and is objectively compassionate in her cuts. With her combined skills she’s a force of nature who has elevated my manuscripts into a realm that resonates with the largest possible audience. Molly offers a value that is priceless.  

Sven Michael Davison, author of Agents of Opportunity, the God Head Trilogy, 7 in 7, and Islanders


Molly Lindley Pisani took a raw manuscript from this first-time novelist and skillfully helped me shape it to attract the interest of major publishers. Not only were her initial insights spot-on, she communicated a clear and easy plan as to how we could work together. She answered all of my questions, and her personality (coupled with her impressive résumé) immediately put me at ease. She provided a thorough line edit, cheering the book for its strengths and encouraging me to go further where needed. When Simon & Schuster acquired my novel for publication, they remarked that they had never received a debut novel that was in better editorial shape. Molly’s services were invaluable; I consider her my secret weapon.

Steven Rowley, author of Lily and the Octopus


Molly Lindley Pisani was meticulous and insightful when she content- and line-edited my historical crime fiction manuscript. While she did not hold back on her suggestions and observations, her style was very pleasant. She took the time to explain her rationale for her input when it was needed and made some very valuable suggestions about certain plot points. Molly’s communications were excellent and she kept all her commitments. Working with her was a pleasure, and I hope to do it again on my next book.

—Claudia Oltean, author of Another Chance to Die


Molly Lindley Pisani is a superb copy editor. Her meticulous work on my nonfiction manuscript with hundreds of trailing-phrase notes and a bibliography was excellent. Her comments were sharp, her research/fact checking impeccable; she answered questions quickly and thoroughly, and I happily accepted just about every change. Have many readers said your manuscript is in great shape? All you need is a proofreader? Wrong. You still need Star-Splitter Editorial Services.

Robin R. Cutler, author of Such Mad Fun